What To Know About Cars During Your Move

You’re getting ready for a long-distance move and besides furniture, your car is the other large items you have to decide whether to drive or ship to your new location. If someone isn’t moving across states, then they have no choice but to ship their car. But when you are moving across the state, you may be tempted to drive your car and turn this task into a road trip. If you have more than one car, own a classic car, or a luxurious car, shipping your car across the country may be the best option for you. 

Here are a few things to consider when choosing to ship your car during a long-distance move:

  1. The Timing

From California to the midwest in Kansas City, and to New York, the entire duration is 43 hours straight, so considering stops for food, gas, and rest, this will take between four to five days. In addition to the travel time, do you have these four to five days to spare on this task knowing this will subtract from the time you will have to unpack? You may need to request for additional days off from work, and consider if cross country driving is possible for you and your family. 

2. Possible Risks

For example, driving across country roads will engage you in new and unfamiliar areas in which you’ve never been exposed to. Not only that, but you may be confronted with various weather conditions depending on what time of the year this is. Driving in unfamiliar roads can lead to added extra mileage on your car and putting your car at risk for needing roadside assistance. 

3. The Cost

This element may be the first thought to cross your mind, so let’s take a deeper look at the costs. The amount of mileage you’ll attain during your drive, wear and tear, and not to mention the risk of having to expand your set budget in the case your car needs servicing. Take a moment to think if these risks are worth it? In between driving, you must stop for food and shelter so those are costs that are non-negotiable. If you are not using paid time off for this drive, you’re going to be in more of a deficit than a positive or breaking even. In the end, shipping your vehicle comes at a price regardless, so will a one time cost of a reliable transport outweigh the DIY road trip move? 

4. What works for you?

The million-dollar question sometimes overpowers all the other questions and concerns, what’s more convenient? Depending on if you’re a family of one, or a couple, versus an entire family, you will need to consider everyone’s schedule when making this decision, will your kids and spouse join you or fly separately? The cost only rises when this factors in. If you’re looking for convenience, let the professionals at Moving Pro Inc take care of transporting your vehicle safely so you can focus on your move.

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