Helpful Tips For Your Cross Country Move

Moving is an exhausting, albeit exciting, process. Even more so when it’s compacted by the distance. It’s one thing to move across town. All you really need is a big enough truck and an entire day of back breaking manual labor and the bulk of the work is done. You can either go big to go home with a massive truck, fitting all your worldly possessions in a single trip transport, or save some cash in rental fees and make several trips throughout the day. Even if you’re only moving one town away, the stress isn’t that much worse. But going out of state, possibly crossing multiple state lines in the process is daunting to say the least. To keep you from being completely overwhelmed in this process, follow these tips and tricks to make your cross country move as painless as possible.


If at all possible, take a trip to your new destination and spend a weekend getting to know the city. Before your trip, try and schedule a few appointments with realtors to view potential new homes. Buying a new home – or even renting a new apartment – sight unseen is risky. You could be stuck there for a year – minimum, more if you’ve signed a mortgage. It isn’t just the condition of the house, but its relation to everything else in the area, including your work commute. This is an added cost, but worth it to help ease your mind and create a smooth transition.


Yes, you can hire movers that will also pack for you. But honestly, they’ll be responsible for fitting an entire house into one truck and getting on the road at a decent time. There are two things to bear in mind throughout this process: stuff and time. The amount of stuff you take with you can make a huge difference. If the movers have to pack fewer boxes and pieces of furniture in the truck the whole process goes much faster. Everything from mattresses and furniture to knick-knacks and clothing should be subject to dismissal. Donate your items to a shelter or Habitat for Humanity to make an impact on someone else’s life and yours at the same time. Secondly, don’t wait until the last minute. Begin this preparation as soon as you close on your new house or sign the lease. 


When shopping for movers, check their insurance policy. The drivers should be insured and there should be a quality guarantee with your contract. Additional insurance you purchase yourself never hurts either. There’s a lot that can happen on the road. Protect your valuables and yourself.


Set up proper lines of communication and contact for your movers. Car chargers for your phones – maybe even provide one for your drivers – will save you. Appoint designated meet-up spots for meals, overnight stays, and rest stops. It’s okay if you lose each other on the road throughout the day. But always be able to reconnect and stay in touch.

Paperwork, Essentials, And Tip

Be sure to keep your precious valuables and important paperwork with you. Birth certificates, marriage license, and family heirloom china or jewelry items are better left where you can keep an eye on them. Have a bag packed with a change of clothes, hygiene products, and any other snacks or reading materials you might need for the trip. And, as always, don’t forget to tip your movers for their work. Withdraw cash from the bank the day before you set off so that it’s with you and ready to disperse when they do. 

It’s a huge transition and one that offers a lot of promise and possibility. Don’t let yourself get bogged down in all there is to do. Get a firm handle on these essential points and it’ll be smooth sailing from start to finish. 

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