The Beauty Of Downsizing

Without trenching too far into politics, there is a lot of crazy going on in the world. From the big picture to the small stuff; human’s effect on the climate and your horrible commute all combine to make for a stressed and anxious existence. It’s why many of us are seeking simplicity and sustainability in all parts of our life. Before or after a move is the perfect time for a purge. We recommend it be done prior to a move as you’ll end up needing to pack, move, and unpack stuff you no longer want or need, but anytime before getting settled in your new home will do. 

It isn’t just stuff, either. Furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes are popping up more and more. Here are our tips for downsizing in 2020 to make the most of your move.

Let It Go!

Take a page out of Elsa’s original book. If you haven’t used everything your hand touches in the past year, out it goes! Don’t even allow yourself time to think, ‘But what if I need it???’ Just toss it in the trash or donate pile. 

Wanna be sure your left swipes don’t just become another thing in the landfill? Clothing stores such as Levi’s, H&M, and The North Face offer recycling programs in which you turn in your clothing (anything, any condition – except socks and underwear) for discounts on purchases. These clothes are then used to create new clothes. 

For delicately used, interview appropriate clothing, find a shelter instead of sending it off to the nether regions of Goodwill or Out of the Closet. Shelters like the Downtown Women’s Center of Los Angeles aids women facing homeslessness. The right blazer in the right hands could mean the difference between hope and despair. 

When it comes to things like dishes, small appliances, and the like, check within your social circles for friends who might want/need it. There’s always the option to put things up on etsy or Facebook Marketplace where you could potentially make back some money. However you choose to dispose of the giveaways, get creative with the most direct way to get them into the hands of people who will use it. 

Furniture Facelift

We weren’t kidding when we said furniture is becoming more economic by being multi-functional. There’s something wonderful about less clutter. Someone decided the same should go for furniture as it does for knick-knacks. Beds that fold up against the wall masked by cabinets and a fold-out desk. Coffee tables with storage that’s either hidden or part of the design. Modular couches that break up into sections so they can be positioned to suit your needs at any time. 

Just as with small, personal items, furniture pieces can be donated to the nearest Habitat For Humanity – or the like, or sold/bequeathed to someone who has use for it. The overall message is this; do anything you can to keep your “trash” out of the trash.