City On The Rise: Tulsa, Oklahoma

It’s no secret. The Midwest is steadily gaining in tech and industry. While it’s still no coastal city, there’s plenty to attract young professionals to this region of the country. Gone are the days of being exclusively oil-based, now businesses are turning an eye to the tech and start-up sectors. One such city that’s using all its forces to entice new business and residents is Tulsa, Oklahoma. Currently a popular Google search topic thanks to HBO’s new series The Watchmen, Tulsa may have a less than sterling past, but a bright future ahead of itself.

Tulsa Remote is currently offering young professionals in tech, writing, and research the chance of a lifetime. $10,000 to move to Tulsa where they’ll live and work for a year. Fully-furnished apartments, remote offices, and regular networking meetups are also a part of this plan. The hope is that once folks get a taste of this big city with a small town feel, they’ll be ready to lay down roots, becoming full-fledged members of society who participate in arts and culture, or even run for local government. With that kind of risk-free incentive, what’s not to love? But you’re probably wondering what exactly awaits you in this unknown location. Let us tell you.

Tulsa has long been a test market for corporate chain and franchise businesses for the Midwest for a long time. With Tulsa University, the city boasts all kinds of demographics from college students, to families, to young singles living and working around town. But it isn’t only corporate eats you’ll find. Utica Square offers everything from small cafes and bakeries to health conscious eateries to fine dining, and yes, the corporate chains.

Tulsa plays host to some of the best festivals around, most notably their Oktoberfest, which ranks in the Top Ten in the nation. They also bring in folks from all over the state with their Tulsa Tough Cycling race. Other festivals such as Mayfest feature more arts and culture, and St. Patty’s Block Party celebrates… well, you can figure that one out. Open to all ages, there’s attractions for families and 21+ crowds alike.

Arts & Entertainment
National tours bring Broadway to you, and the Tulsa PAC is one of their favorite stops. Hit Broadway shows such as Hamilton, Waitress, and Fiddler on the Roof have all had their turn there. Concerts come in and out of the BOK and Cain’s Ballroom constantly. There’s also the arts department of Tulsa University with their stunning performances in dance, music, and drama for residents to delight in.

Family Fun
If you’ve already got a family, or plan to grow one soon, then Tulsa has everything imaginable for your crew to do on the weekends. The Gathering Place is a massive public park with specialized play areas for every age group. Only a 15 minute drive outside of the city to Turkey Mountain offers an escape from the downtown city life with beautiful bike trails that can be enjoyed by all. If you’re more of a reader, Cry Baby Hill is the perfect place for you. There’s even a bit of a sports scene with the TU Golden Hurricanes, Tulsa Drillers baseball, and the Roughneck soccer team.

Bars! Bars! Bars abound in Tulsa! It’s not just boot-scootin’ boogie type bars either. The plethora of themes you can pick from on any given night include: Retro, Bowling, Cycling, Tiki, LGBT, Country, Music and Dance clubs. Craft cocktails can be found in the Tulsa Arts District at Valkyrie, complete with a wall of spirits there’s no limit to what you can enjoy.

All in all, you’ll never run out of things to do in Tulsa. A hidden gem in the heartland, this cosmopolitan city with all it has to offer will make you feel like you’re living on the coast, but at half the cost. You’re never far away from nature or city life. You can grow as an individual or family and be richer for it.

Questions To Ask Your Movers

Moving is so not fun. Well, it’s exciting because you get a fresh start in a new house, sometimes in a new city or state. But the actual process of moving is tedious, and at times overwhelming. You have to set up new utilities, change you information on your driver’s license and with businesses that take your money (rude). You may need to find a new doctor or pediatrician, which means getting copies of all your medical records and transferring them over. Then there’s the actual moving. This involves packing, getting rid of stuff, and transporting it from the old house to the new. It’s completely understandable why you would want to hire movers. They take care of the boring stuff for you. The back-breaking labor of getting that giant sectional out of your tiny front door, into the new tiny front door and in its new home. 

But, just like with any service, you want to know that you’re getting the best possible team of professional movers to help you in this stressful time. The last thing you want on moving day is to have to deal with a set of movers that aren’t what you thought they would be. Well, consider yourself saved. We’re here with a set of questions to pose to potential moving companies that will ensure you hire the right people for the job.


Obviously, you want to be crystal clear on the rate, as well as what it includes. How many movers will be helping that day? Does the rate include packing as well as moving, or is the packing responsibility left up to you? Can you reduce the rate by packing yourself? Are you paying mileage for gas in the rates quoted? Does the rate include tip? How many hours will you have your movers, if it’s just across town? For cross-country moving, does the rate include hotel expenses for your movers? Get as detailed an account as you can of what exactly you’re paying for.


What is it? Moving companies are not allowed to sell you any insurance, but they are obligated to provide some type of insurance along with their service. Released value protection is the bare minimum. It won’t cover the full cost of any lost or damaged item, but they typically cover between $0.30 and $0.60 per pound of an item. If your company provides Full Value Protection, they maintain liability for your belongings including repairs, replacement, or reimbursement for the current market value of the broken piece. Even with full value protection some items still won’t be covered; items that qualify as being of extraordinary value. 

As there is no federal regulation for what movers must include in their insurance beyond released value, the terms and conditions are specific to each company. Ask your moving company what is included in their insurance, the cost for extra insurance, as well as any loopholes included in their contract. Sometimes, when you pack your own belongings it releases the moving company of liability for broken items. If this is the case and you’re thinking of saving a few bucks by packing yourself, you might want to reconsider this option for better protection during the move. Oftentimes, no one intends to break your personal treasures, but accidents happen and that’s the point of insurance.

If you’re still not satisfied with the insurance offered by your moving company, you can opt to buy extra insurance from a third party. These third party companies actually work with moving companies, but because movers aren’t allowed to sell you insurance, these guys step in to cover the rest of your needs. But before you jump the gun on this option, check with your renters or homeowners insurance. Your policy and plan may already cover moving insurance. Without federal regulations, these details definitely change from state to state, so do your research and come to the conclusion that’s right for you.


Once you’ve chosen and hired your movers it’s time to discuss the gritty little details. When can you expect their arrival? When can you expect to shove off to the new house? You’ll also want to have the proper contact information for your movers and a plan of action should you get separated. For in-state or city moves, this most likely won’t happen. Larger cross-country moves, though, it’s vital to both your security and sanity that you have a designated meeting point and chain of communication should you be separated along the way. With cell phones, it shouldn’t be too hard to coordinate these details, but you never know when someone’s going to forget their car charger and run out of battery. Better safe than sorry.

Hiring movers is a huge bonus if you can swing it. They take the brunt of the work and stress off your hands. As with any business, though, you want to know you’re giving yours to the right people. With these inquiries you can be sure that you’re set up for success and stress-free on your big day.